About I-Corps

Learn a Structured Approach to Test Your Ideas

I-Corps is a highly-experiential, 7-week-long program. Each team will receive a $2,500 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for their participation in the program. Participants are expected to dedicate an average of 4-7 hours per week to the following program activities and requirements. 

  • Attend Four Classroom Sessions: At least two members of each I-Corps team are required to attend four 3-hour classroom sessions, which are held at the Polsky Exchange. These sessions consist of lectures, team presentations, and visits from guest speakers. In addition, these sessions provide time to foster team discussion, group work, and networking with other cohort members, speakers, and mentors.
  • Complete Homework Assignments: To prepare for each classroom session, participants are expected to complete video and reading assignments in order to become more familiar with entrepreneurial topics discussed in class. All required reading materials will be provided by the Polsky Center and will be distributed at the first classroom session.
  • Conduct 30 Interviews: In order to better understand the commercial potential of their ideas, teams will test their assumptions by conducting interviews with industry experts and potential “customers.” Outside of class, each team will conduct a minimum of 30 in-person interviews over the course of the seven-week program. Participants are not expected to have any prior experience in conducting interviews. All participants will be trained and learn best practices for how to conduct stakeholder interviews as part of the I-Corps program. 

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